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Pikturesque Farms’ goal is to breed quality sport horses for all disciplines.

We are also a boarding facility catering to the specific needs of broodmares and foals. We offer large turn out paddocks and fields for group turn out and smaller paddocks for individual turn out. The focus of Pikturesque Farms is to allow your mare to live out her pregnancy in a quiet, tranquil setting away from the stresses of a busy competition barn. There is always someone on property to make regular visits down to the barn to check on the mares and/or foals.

After the foaling process, the staff at Pikturesque Farms will imprint your foal. Imprinting is a training technique to mould your horse’s personality. The foals bond not only with their dam but with the people they have around them shortly after birth. This allows for the foals to be desensitized from most sensory stimuli. Imprint training will define your horse and makes training under saddle much easier.