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New Barn

New Barn

Pikturesque Farm is expanding with the addition of a brand new 5000 square foot barn. Check back often for updates and photos of the construction phases.



May 28th 2018: Lower level siding going on and windows framed up. Stalls (10 – 12×12) starting to take shape. Hopefully concrete centre walk way will be poured shortly.



May 7th 2018: Upper level barn board is now done. Really taking shape. Water lines and drains all roughed in.



March 28th 2018: Trusses are pretty much done. Really starting to take shape.



March 23rd 2018: The second level flooring and walls are almost complete. Roof trusses are next.



February 26th 2018: Definitely making up time after a brutally cold winter. All the major timbers are now in place. Flooring on the second level is next followed by trusses and the steel roof.



February 22nd 2018: The weather has allowed us to move the huge timbers and put them in place. The barn is starting to take shape.



February 2018: Extreme cold and thaws has delayed construction but work on the huge timbers is progressing. Precision cuts are needed for the timbers to fit together perfectly. We don’t know of any new barns being constructed “old school” post and beam.



After weather delays the foundation is being poured today.


The big gun starts busting rock.


Levelling the site. This being Lanark County we hit some massive rock. The big guns coming tomorrow to break it up.


Fences removed. Let the digging begin. Getting ready for the foundation to be poured.


Getting ready to prepare this site for our new barn. Over 5000 square feet on two levels with a dozen 12 x 12 stalls on the main level.
Time now to take down some fences.