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March 7 2011 — Rescuing Ellie May

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March 7 2011 – Rescuing Ellie May:

A rescue pony is fostered at Pikturesque Farms.

On Monday March 7th a number of calls were made to a Carleton Place Veterinary Clinic about a very unhealthy looking pony in a field on Ramsay Concession 8 in Mississippi Mills. A snow plow driver advised the clinic staff as well as authorities that he had noticed the pony in the area over a 2 to 3 week period and that she looked to be in rough shape. That Monday he brought her hay and fed her by the road where she was visible to many passers by. A concerned neighbor was able to get the mare out of the field and she was transported to the Farm where she is currently being fostered. After checking with local farms in the area and running a segment on CTV News the pony remained unclaimed. There has been an outpouring of support for the pony (fondly referred to as Ellie May) who was on the brink of death due to severe malnutrition. A special fund has been set up through the Lanark Animal Welfare Society to support the needs of this little mare.

During the first 24 hours the pony was so exhausted she lay down in her stall and then was unable to stand up again. She struggled for hours to get to her feet and with some assistance the mare was lifted using a pulley system where she was brought to her feet using a tractor. The Veterinarians who examined the mare believe that her health had deteriorated over a period of time due to lack of food and water and insufficient shelter during extreme winter weather. Ellie May was found wearing a halter and shoes on her front feet. The shoes were put on months ago and her feet were very over grown. She is believed to be an older mare in her early 20’s. It is estimated that it will take 8-12 months for Ellie May to gain her weight and muscle mass back. At this point in time every bone in her body is visible even under her winter hair coat.

During the next few months Ellie May will require Veterinary Care and will have special nutrition requirements. She will need her teeth floated, blood work, de-worming, and regular Farrier work as well as special feed and supplements. She is a very sweet pony with a strong will to live. We hope to find Ellie May her forever home in the next few months.

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